 No more worries in handling pharmacies; No more troubles in keeping the records of
medicine : No more headache in maintaining stocks, bills “
 Leverage your data to manage and control medication inventory improving pharmacy
workflow, reducing overstock, automating replenishment, tracking costs and providing
 VITAMIN Pharmacy Software helps pharmacists to access different records like: billing
information, reports, stock details, order management, and many more.
 VITAMIN Software had come up with the solutions which are prior beneficial for the
 VITAMIN Pharmacy software there are features for automatic updates on negative Stocks,
Prescription pending, Expiry Stock alerts, Reminder regarding appointments.

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Revolutionary pharmacy management system that is engineered to address the complexities of
prescription processing, drug inventory management and point-of-sale functions to enhance the
productivity and operational efficiency of pharmacies around the globe. The highlights of the
product is the intuitive design that enhances the usability experience and also the strong support for
modern medicine and all other alternative forms of medicine which are also complimented by the
superior pharmacy workflow management that ensures an effective flow of information between
doctors, pharmacists and the administration but kept safe with the in-built multi-tier security

provisions. the product has been designed to be easily integrated with a number of platforms of
which the notable ones are with TASK-OS accounting suite and with the SHADES ecosystem for a
complete hospital administration package.


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