“Let this be a thing of past.
Software for the hardest tasks the single click solution for any task”
o Record all your financial processes into a comprehensive general leger
o Support multidimensional reporting and parallel accounting standards
o Get complete financial accounting by integrating assets, payables, receivables and inventory.
o Use powerful management accounting tools for orders, projects, cost centers and profit
o Leverage comprehensive functionality for closing automation, reporting and audit support.
o Eliminate redundant and time-consuming data entry
o Eliminate human errors from manual re-typing.
o Simplify account reconciliation.
o Integrate financial and business applications on their platform.


The chart of accounts you need to track for you small business, assets, liabilities, equities, income
and expenses. Choose from 100 charts of account templates, or create your own list 0f accounts to
set your business up in Task OS. You probably have repetitive transactions that you need to record.
Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly you can enter these transactions one time.
The company data auditor helps you to make sure your business data is correct, protected and
balanced.it backs up and verifies your company life, lets you lock-down reconciled financial data,
keeps an audit trail and runs reviews to make sure your numbers are in balance.


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