We Repires


Flash Innovations delivers on-demand, Onsite Computer Repair Services that are convenient and reliable.
We deliver computer repair services to your doorstep and all you have to do is call our team. We have
experts who specialize in the areas of troubleshooting of computer related problems. Even if your
computer is working fine it should be looked at by an expert after a period of time. The computer
maintenance services provided by us ensure that there is a timely detection and prevention of possible
problems that can and do occur. The computer repair services also include the backing up of data, disk
formatting, data recovery and other specialized computer support services.
By virtue of our association with established brand names such as HP, IBM, COMPAQ, ACER, INTEL, AOC,
DAX, CANON, EPSON, D-LINK and others. We are sure we would be able to satisfy the most demanding
needs of our clients for requirements ranging from Servers to Desktop Computers, Nodes, Work Stations,
and Peripherals namely Printers, Scanners, Plotters, Storage Devices, Backup Devices, Modems, LAN
cards, Video Conferencing Kits and UPS.  


Today, many organizations look for mobility solutions and services as more strategic for their business
growth. They do seek the deployment of mobile applications for a number of key benefits. By having
mobility solutions; it improves mobile workforces’ productivity and opportunities for enterprises to
capture greater values using the mobile solutions.
We provide cutting edge mobility solutions and services with the capability of delivering solution in
various platforms that work with various handheld devices
We deal in Notebook Computers of IBM, TOSHIBA, HP/COMPAQ, ACER and ACI Make and Handheld
Computers of PALM and IPAQ Make. Data/Video (LCD) Projection Systems and Mobile Computing
peripherals like Mobile Printers, PCMCIA Cards, Notebook- Security Locks, etc.


The mission- critical nature of todays applications makes network performance crucial for business
success, whereas at the same time, your Local Area Network/ Wide Area Network must be able to adapt
to changes. Our expertise in this field has given us the confidence to implement solutions to suit the
specific requirements of our clients.
Our strength over the years have been in providing all types of Networking solutions . The broad range of
LAN solutions provides performance, scalability, manageability and integration for more bandwidth and
ports. Other networking products that we incorporate in our networking solutions are top of the line
products from Cisco, D-Link, Schneider etc.
At Flash we do:
 Laptop Repair
 Hard Drive Recovery
 Data Recovery
 Cheap Computer Repair
 Laptop Screen Repair
 Pc Upgrade Services
 Computer Repair
 PC Repair
 Memory Upgrades
 Anti-Virus Protection
 System Analysis